A new generation with a new perspective

Every new generation always presents questions to those in the generations before. As they progress, so our knowledge and understanding needs to keep pace. But sometimes connecting with a new generation in the first place can be the biggest challenge. That's where we can help.

Our experience working with 14-19 year-olds gives us unrivalled knowledge of their attitudes and behaviours towards brands, the media, society and even their own future careers.

We apply this understanding to devise flexible and impactful experiences that allow you to work with a new generation and understand more about your future customers and employees. Building meaningful connections and gaining valuable insight to shape your organisation's thinking, while providing powerful knowledge and experience to a new generation that can shape their attitudes.

Our Services

Innovative approaches to understand the next generation

  • Insight

    Focus Programmes

    Interactive sessions with students aged 14-19, giving them valuable experience of the real world and enabling you to access fresh perspectives on your business challenges.

    Focus Programmes
  • Insight

    Changing Places

    Delivering business-critical insight from the next generation through reverse mentoring - empowering and upskilling 16-19s by guiding your people through complex business challenges.

    Changing Places
  • Insight


    Our unrivalled reach with the next generation enables us to create research that gives them a voice and delivers insight to help you make the most informed decisions.

    Latest Research

Why Work With Us

  • Creating powerful shared value

    Our programmes are designed to give you access to the most usable, business-critical insight while creating meaningful experiences and value for the young people involved.

  • Delivering business-critical insight

    Every organisation should be looking to understand the next generation - as the future workforce, not just future customers. Our approaches deliver insight vital to ensuring your business is fit for the future.

  • Safe and relevant engagement

    We bring our expertise of working with young people to ensure everyone involved has the safest, most rewarding and relevant experience.

  • A range of refreshing approaches

    We have a suite of flexible approaches to help you access valuable youth perspectives and provide great experiences of your organisation for the next generation. Flexible to your needs, resources and timescales.

Want a new take on your challenges?

We can help you access critical youth insight while making a positive impact with the next generation.

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