Coaching from business leaders to unleash your students' potential

Skills for Good is our flagship programme developing your students into tomorrow's leaders. We partner with forward-thinking employers, engaging inspirational leaders within their organisations to share knowledge and guidance to help your students develop a future-ready mindset.

We facilitate connections between students and their coaches with full oversight of their relationship for the duration of the programme. So you can be assured we create safe, appropriate and relevant coaching relationships that make a real impact on your students' development.

To ensure the most effective coaching discussions, we deliver a suite of training to the leaders coaching your students. This equips them with expert knowledge and skills to provide meaningful, impactful guidance. We cover safeguarding best practice and ensure coaches have enhanced DBS checks, so everyone can work together with complete confidence.

Seeking a new approach to inclusive leadership?

Find out how Skills for Good can develop forward-thinking leaders in your organisation.

For Employers

How your students benefit

  • Developing a future-ready mindset

    Skills for Good helps your students embrace a positive attitude to learning and recognise the importance of education to achieve their future goals.

  • Raising their aspirations

    By working with business leaders, your students will gain a unique perspective on how to forge a successful career - helping them create a vision of their future and set goals to work towards it.

  • A fresh perspective on their challenges

    Working with their coaches, students will gain valuable external input to help them find a new way of looking at their challenges around life, education and careers.

  • Opportunities to stand-out

    We engage leaders from inspirational employers to be coaches on Skills for Good, so your students will be building links with rising stars within organisations that could offer exciting opportunities at school leaver, apprentice and graduate level.