In 2017 we collaborated with the7stars to undertake research into the attitudes of Generation Z – those born after 1996 – to help us understand what matters to them in the world. This new generation is the largest single population segment and their expectations for the future have significant ramifications for organisations of all sizes. In February 2018 our findings were published by Voxburner – one of the leading opinion formers in youth marketing.

We undertake research with Gen Z to give them a voice and empower them to share their opinions on the changes happening in their lives and the world around them.  They are such an important generation as they have been at the forefront of rapid changes in technology; having grown up with it and witnessed its impact – both positive and negative – on everyday life.  

This generation has also enjoyed ready access to social media and the proliferation of new and exciting platforms.  Studies have shown that young people in Generation Z are increasingly seeing social media negatively and that older generations don’t see social media and electronic devices as a positive influence on Gen Z.  Our research is about going deeper into this.

Our research captured the views of 223 young people from a range of backgrounds.  We wanted to know:

  • What social networks are most popular with this generation?
  • Can they live without social media?
  • What impact has it had on their lives? Positive or negative?

We also wanted to find out where they see news content and how the news they consume about current affairs makes them feel about their future.  So far this year 99% of students surveyed access news content on a screen while over half say that current affairs make them worried about their future.

You can read the full article by Helen Rose - Head of Insight at the7stars - in Voxburner here.

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