Georgia, what’s your role at Visionpath?

I’ve just joined Visionpath as their Marketing Assistant on an apprenticeship, looking after our social media and other channels as well as supporting some of our programmes.

Why did you want to go into an apprenticeship and not go to University?

I wanted to go into an apprenticeship instead of university because I believed it was the best path for me, I was eager to gain experience in the working world and work towards a qualification that will benefit me in the future. I knew  an apprenticeship was the better option for me as now I'm part of a company I really enjoy working for and I'm gaining experience and new skills every day.

What advice would you have for other young people thinking about an apprenticeship?

My advice is to research and understand the different roles available to you and apply what interests you as an individual to a role. For me that was using my social media skills to contribute to the company as it's an interest and hobby of mine. An apprenticeship is a great way to gain valuable skills for the future whatever career path you choose, as well as becoming familiar with a working environment. 

What attracted you to work at Visionpath?

I achieved 3 A-levels but had no experience or understanding of the working world, which I realised I needed in order to start my career. I really wanted to join Visionpath because they understand the importance of helping young people become future-ready and I didn't have this knowledge and experience when I was in school. It's great to know I can help other young people who are in the  position I was once in just recently.

What are you enjoying most about your new role?

I'm really enjoying the social media aspect of my new role and being able to capture and share inspiring moments from Visionpath’s programmes like upSKILL. I love seeing how much both the employers and students gain from being part of our work.