Laurel, what do you do at Visionpath?

I’m Visionpath’s Programme Assistant, so my role is to help plan and coordinate our programmes and events. My day-to-day responsibilities are really varied dependent on our current projects, but I work with a diverse range of clients and schools and play a part in helping other young people to be future ready.

What attracted you to doing an apprenticeship and why at Visionpath?

I wanted to complete an apprenticeship because although I have good qualifications, I have no experience to go with it. Visionpath stood out to me above other companies because it has strong values and an exciting mission that I could see myself being a part of. I see the importance of making young people future ready, as I didn’t receive this preparation, and I thrive on helping others like me succeed in their future careers. 

What has your experience of learning and working been like at Visionpath?

At Visionpath, I learn something new every day. I have taken on day-to-day office responsibilities and developed communication skills   that I’ll use forever. I have learned a lot since being at Visionpath and have grown as a person through the skills and knowledge that they’ve given me.

What aspect of the job do you enjoy the most?

Contributing to the organisation of a programme and then seeing it come together is really rewarding and shows that hard work does pay off. It’s great to see employers, their people and young people benefiting from the services we provide. Being a part of our programmes encourages me to keep working hard so that we can get better and better at what we do!