Talent attraction campaigns

Got an apprenticeship scheme and want  more socially diverse candidates? Our relationships and expertise means we can reach the young people you want to meet.

We spark interest in your early careers and raise awareness of your employer brand with campaigns in schools and colleges. We work with you to deliver immersive, interactive workshops that showcase your business, educate young people on what you do and why, and take your career opportunities direct-to-market to attract more diverse applications. 

We know young people from disadvantaged backgrounds may not enjoy equal access to support and guidance, so we help to level up by providing personalised application support and advice.

Reach: our virtual outreach solution

How can you form human connections with future talent in an online world? Reach is our virtual talent attraction solution that lets you reach the young people you can benefit most.

Whether you need a single- or multi-touchpoint campaign, we work with you to deliver live-facilitated, interactive online sessions where you can truly engage with potential talent you might not be able to reach in person. From workshops, to application surgeries, to career coaching and more, we design a custom programme to support your business’ early careers goals.

Hand over to our expert facilitators, or bring in ambassadors from your business to host sessions. Either way, you’ll maintain that all-important human touch.

Career insight programmes 

Focused on making your industry more inclusive? Take the lead on improving access to careers for the next generation of socially diverse young people.

We host interactive workshops that shine a light on your industry, giving students the opportunity to learn what your business is all about, what a career in your sector could look like, and how they can take their first steps on the ladder. We can deliver anything from high-impact half-day workshops through to in-depth, structured insight weeks – all delivered virtually or in person.

Bringing in ambassadors from your business, this is a chance for your team to engage with young talent, share their stories and advice, and shape the aspirations of disadvantaged school-leavers.

Want to build your employer brand and engage disadvantaged young talent?

Find out how we can help you become an employer of choice for socially diverse school-leavers.

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