Discovery & Strategy

Want to embed apprenticeships into your organisation but not sure where to start? Or are you rethinking early careers and how they align to your D&I strategy? Our experts can help.

We have over 10 years' experience in early careers. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and insight to help us evaluate what you've done before, challenge existing approaches and bring fresh ideas. Think of us as a critical friend who can take your early careers to new heights.

Assessment experiences

Want to hire more socially diverse talent, but feeling the pressure when it comes to creating a truly inclusive recruitment opportunity? We make it an experience, not a process.

Rather than being designed to screen out people (as most recruitment processes are), our assessment experiences are inclusive and immersive, giving disadvantaged school-leavers the ideal platform to showcase their skills, demonstrate their values and behaviour, and ultimately be the best version of themselves.

We tailor our assessments to your business needs and guide candidates throughout, helping you unearth socially diverse talent with untapped potential.

Pipeline Development

How can you make the most of your talent pipeline? We grow relationships that help new starters hit the ground running (and stick around, too).

We create mentoring and coaching programmes that give your people the opportunity to support the development of your apprenticeship candidates, growing their skills and knowledge and helping them make informed decisions about their future – whether with your business, or elsewhere. That way, you know they’re fully committed and ready to add value as soon as you welcome them to your team.

Plus, building candidate rapport means we can help you make better hiring decisions, as well as shaping future employees to meet your business needs before they even arrive. 

We provide a full suite of training and support for your people throughout, to make sure they can perform their role effectively and develop their skills in the process.

Onboarding programmes

So you’ve hired apprentices from socially diverse backgrounds? The next step is thoughtful integration and support to maximise retention and employer advocacy.

We work with you to design onboarding plans, train managers to effectively support new apprentices, and provide crucial pastoral care for your new talent. This can include personalised coaching, training sessions and on-call support that stretches and challenges your new hires in their early-career years, while looking after their wellbeing. 

Our onboarding solutions take the load off your team and help you maximise the potential of your new hires as quickly as possible.

Want your early careers to be a force for change?

Find out how we can help you recruit socially diverse school-leavers who will enrich your workforce and future-proof your business.

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SPARK - Getting apprenticeships right first-time

Apprenticeships can add huge value for SMEs, but knowing how to get started can be the biggest barrier. If this challenge resonates, our SPARK package could help.

Designed specifically for SMEs at the very start of their apprenticeship journey, SPARK provides everything you need to get it right first time. We map the apprenticeship roles, train managers to nurture and support apprentices, provide a customised plan to onboard them and recommend the most suitable training provider. All for one fixed price.