Career skills programmes

How can you help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get noticed for all the right reasons? Start by giving them the tools to succeed. 

We work with your team to run workshops that give students the skills employers really want – from business planning and communication, to teamwork and problem-solving – while helping your employees gain new skills through mentoring, coaching and facilitation.

Once they’ve got the skills, together we’ll give school-leavers the tools and know-how to showcase them – like ready-to-go CVs, impressive interview skills and confidence-boosting career coaching to help them along the way.

Go live with in-person workshops in schools, or in a business environment. Or, take it virtual – and your team gets to make an impact from their desks! With programmes lasting from an hour to a few days, it’s easy for your people to get involved, learn and make an impact.

Managed school partnerships

Thinking about investing in your local communities? Connecting with disadvantaged school-leavers empowers next-generation talent, while inspiring and upskilling your team.

We connect your business with carefully selected schools in your local communities to foster long-term, sustainable relationships that we manage, so you don’t have to. Starting by identifying the schools where your business can have the biggest impact, we design a customised engagement programme that meets the needs of students, while helping to engage and develop your people through skills-based volunteering.

Inspire your organisation

Want to educate your leaders about social diversity challenges in the workplace? We help make your business more inclusive from the inside out.

As with most business challenges, improving social diversity needs the cooperation of your whole team. We work with your management to improve their understanding of social diversity and inclusivity, equipping them to provide effective mentoring and leadership within safe, supportive parameters.

Then, we connect them with disadvantaged young talent so they can offer much-needed advice and guidance. As well as having the opportunity to positively contribute, your team develops their inclusive leadership capabilities. Effectively, it’s a management development programme that gives back.

Want to inspire your people and young people at the same time?

Find out how we can help your business combine employee development with social impact for benefits that go both ways.

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