• Inspire

    Teach young people the skills to stand out.

    We partner with top employers to give your students skills that will serve them in the workplace, along with the know-how to stand out to employers.

  • Engage

    Offer your students a new perspective.

    We get soon-to-be school-leavers excited about their future and give them a taste of what’s out there, so they can make an informed decision on what’s best for them.

  • Hire

    Help school-leavers land their first job

    Don’t just watch as your students take their first shaky steps into the world of work: empower them to start a career they’ll flourish in with our apprenticeship programmes.

What We Do

We help you to help them.

We help businesses inspire, engage and hire socially diverse school-leavers. Because we believe a young person’s background shouldn’t limit your potential.

Partner with top employers and leading professionals across the UK, and get the engagement your school needs to prepare your students for their careers. From helping them work out what they want to do, to giving them the skills they need to do it, to teaching them how to put themselves out there and get noticed by great businesses, we’re right by your side.

At Visionpath, we want to see social diversity embedded in every business. No excuses. No young person left behind.

How We Support You

  • Grow employer engagement.

    Build meaningful, long-term partnerships with respected employers that you can leverage to inspire and engage your students.

  • Close the attainment gap.

    Research shows just four employer interactions in school dramatically reduces a young person’s risk of ending up NEET.  Level the playing field for disadvantaged students by creating opportunities designed with them in mind.

  • Prepare students for work.

    From CV-writing advice, to career coaching, to in-school talks from industry professionals, we give young people a toolkit for future success. Plus, we help students develop the skills they need to add value in the workplace.

  • Help young people get jobs.

    We’re trusted by leading businesses to help them grow their team. That means your students could land a job with a sought-after employer, straight out of school.

  • Meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.

    The requirements for high-quality career guidance can be tough to meet. Take advantage of our expertise to deliver outstanding careers education at your school.

  • Create new destinations.

    Every school wants to see leavers move into further education, employment or training after A-levels. We support you in carving out more sustainable, long-term destinations for your students.

What Our Founder Says

"Employer links are proven to drastically improve students' future prospects. We create powerful employer connections to unlock students' potential - at zero-cost to schools."

Patrick Philpott - Founder, Visionpath

Why Visionpath?

  • We know schools.

    We’ve worked with hundreds of schools, so we understand your needs and challenges. We work with you to create programmes that are manageable and impactful.

  • We know school-leavers.

    We’re experts at inspiring and engaging young people from diverse backgrounds, because we were them, once. Read our story to learn why we do what we do.

  • We know employers.

    We understand how employers work and what they’re looking for. We smooth the disconnect that can result from different ways of working, so you can collaborate effectively.

  • We know what works.

    For more than a decade we’ve been connecting schools and their students with employers to deliver value for all – and we’ve got the results to prove it.

What Other Schools Say

"Working with Visionpath has proven to us over time to be really beneficial. Students get first-hand guidance from real professionals working for one of the leading local employers, providing opportunities they may not otherwise experience."


Want to build employer engagement?

Our employer-school partnerships unleash new possibilities for your students.

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