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For Students

Unlocking your potential to build a successful future

We understand the challenge in finding the right career path. But more than that, we know how difficult it is to understand the skills you need for the workplace and how to make yourself stand out to potential employers.

At Visionpath, we deliver all of our programmes with employers of all sizes in a range of sectors. So you know you'll be accessing the most relevant skills, experiences and opportunities for your future.

Our programmes help you become future-ready with access to new skills, workplace experience and exclusive career opportunities. All via your school and all free of charge.

We partner with some of the biggest employers in the UK in sectors like accountancy, engineering, financial services, law and media. So whichever area you'd like to work in, we've got it covered.

What Students Say

"The programme has prepared me for the next step in my life and has given me the experience to become great at what I do."

Javian - Participant in the mindshare academy 2016-17

Shaping your future

  • Build valuable networks

    Our programmes are all delivered with top employers - from entrepreneurial, fast-growth companies through to established multinational businesses. All with great opportunities for you, whatever career path you choose to take.

  • Develop the skills to stand-out

    Because we deliver our programmes with top employers, you can be sure that you'll develop the skills that businesses look for in their future workforce. Helping you stand out when embarking on your career.

  • Powerful experience to enhance your CV

    Regardless of the career you want to follow, our programmes can give you valuable experience to talk about on your CV and when applying for university or your first job.

  • High-quality employment opportunities

    We connect you with exclusive employment opportunities and provide you with insight, experience and skills that can help you access high-quality apprenticeship and school-leaver opportunities with top employers.

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