We're excited to announce our partnership with Emperor - the UK's leading employee-owned creative agency - to unlock careers in the creative sector for socially-diverse school leavers and drive change on social mobility.

Together we're launching RISE, a brand-new apprenticeship scheme giving young people from schools across London a pathway into careers at Emperor starting in September 2022. With Level 3 qualifications, a Living Wage salary and the opportunity to experience a variety of roles in the agency to find the work they truly love.

But moving the needle on social mobility is about more than just access to employment. It's about developing the skills and mindset to understand what your future could look like and thrive in your career. So we've designed RISE to give young people skills, knowledge and insight to shape their future, whether that's at Emperor or elsewhere.

The programme will follow an eight-month pathway starting with in-school careers workshops to inspire and engage young people and help them see their future in the creative sector. This is followed by an interactive assessment experience helping young people to showcase their skills and ambition, before they move into a bespoke development programme that will build their understanding of Emperor while also gaining valuable skills and experience they can take into any future career.

As our founder Patrick Philpott explains, this approach is what drives real change on social mobility:

"Many employers think offering an apprenticeship is enough to make a difference, and while it can have a huge impact, the pathway into that apprenticeship is just as important. The team at Emperor understand this and we're really excited to launch RISE with them, to provide a supportive experience for socially-diverse young people to develop their career aspirations, learn new skills and take these into an apprenticeship with Emperor, or into a career somewhere else."

For Emperor, RISE is a chance to unearth new talent they might not reach otherwise. Steve Kemp, founder and CEO of Emperor, comments:

"With RISE, we’re opening our doors to welcome and embrace the brightest range of talent keen to break into the creative industries. It’s an incredible opportunity for both Emperor and our future apprentices and we can't wait to see how the programme unfolds."

If your business wants to move the needle on social mobility through your early careers, by connecting with socially-diverse talent from your local communities, we can help. Speak to our team about your plans and we'll help to bring them to life.

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