Over the last 12 months we surveyed over 1,000 young people aged 16-19 who participated in a variety of Visionpath programmes across the country, looking to understand their views on technology, current affairs, the media and their future prospects. Backed up by focus groups with students in the North West, East Anglia and London, together with the7stars we built a picture of what matters most to young people, what concerns them and what excites them.

Today sees the release of the research whitepaper – Talkin’ About A New Generation – compiled by the7stars with contributions from our founder, Patrick Philpott, and experts from the world of media, business and education. Unpacking the results of our research the paper explores three key themes: The Empowered vs The Disillusioned; Connection Obsession vs Expression; and Experience vs Education. Some of the key findings include:

  • 66% believe meaningful contact with employers would help them feel more positive for their future career
  • 56% of young people feel worried about their future
  • While 43% see the internet as their main source of news, it’s only trusted by 16%

Commenting on the findings, our founder Patrick Philpott said:

“In a world characterised by uncertainty, some of the outcomes of the research are perhaps not surprising on their own. But taken together they paint a picture of a generation that people think they know, but actually are more different than we realise. Simultaneously passionate about tackling issues in the world, while feeling unable to make a difference. Getting their news from the internet, but taking it with a pinch of salt. It just shows you can’t put this generation into a box, we need to celebrate and work with their variety.”

Frances Revel, Insight Team Lead at the7stars, said:

"So much is being said about the next generation and so many contrasting and conflicting views spread about what they are going to bring to society as they mature into adulthood. They’re a group notoriously difficult to pin down through traditional research panels and methods, so we were delighted to partner with Visionpath to speak to them in a more organic, honest and refreshingly authentic way – through collaborative qualitative workshops in school, to a short and digestible quantitative survey delivered nationwide.

In this paper we hope we can shed a new light on the behaviours and motivations of today’s youth, and encourage empathy, compassion and engagement from brands, employers and beyond."

You can see the full research report here. If you’d like to know more about how you can connect with and learn from the next generation, please get in touch to see how we can help.